Exploring white #3

Third white

Το τρίτο λευκό

Grounded by snow, I’m not able to access our archives, so today and for most of this week, I’ll be exploring the ‘color’ white! Αποκλεισμένη απ’το χιόνι, δεν έχω πρόσβαση στα αρχεία μας, οπότε σήμερα κι όπως φαίνεται για όλη την εβδομάδα, θα εξερευνήσω το λευκό ‘χρώμα’.

A great Wednesday, everyone Καλή Τετάρτη σε όλους

13 thoughts on “Exploring white #3

  1. Colour… or lack thereof! Beautiful images of snow, Marina.

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    1. Yes… or lack thereof! 😉 Thank you, my dear Dale! xoxoxo

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      1. Its own kind of beauty

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  2. Crystalline abstracts. Perfect!

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  3. I heard you had snow….. Keep warm and bright…. My dear friend… Sending Love .. Here in the UK the sun is out, sky is blue today instead of thick grey…. Cold… But the sun is adding joy…
    May JOY soon shine World wide dear friend ❤


    1. A lot of snow but today the sun was out here too. Very cold though still.
      Here’s to joy, my dear friend.

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      1. Cold here but no snow… Keep warm.. 🙂

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  4. Sugary confection time!

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    1. Yes!!!!!!!! Playtime! Thank you, my dear Mary Jo! Hugs your way!

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