No comment… #36


by Anakreon Kanavakis

“no comment”


του Ανακρέοντα Καναβάκη

“χωρίς σχόλιο”

One more from the series of sketches I call “collateral …acquisitions”, as they were usually produced while speaking on the phone, or thinking of ideas for a client, or while waiting for the next newspaper article for the daily cartoon…

Αλλο ένα από τα σκίτσα που ονομάζω “παράπλευρα …αποκτήματα”, τα οποία συνήθως γινόντουσαν την ώρα ενός τηλεφωνήματος, ή καθώς ετοιμαζόταν η ιδέα για κάποιον πελάτη, ή περίμενοντας το επόμενο άρθρο για εικονογράφηση…

17 thoughts on “No comment… #36

  1. Another favourite! These “off the cuff” images are always fun for me, and you, I suppose!

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    1. Oh, yes! 😉 Many of them I kept without him knowing! 😉

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  2. Trippy. The Beatles could have made good use of that drawing.

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    1. Ah, yes, I think you’re right! 😉

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  3. I feel like I’m being watched…

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    1. Oh, but you are!!!! ;-)🤣😁😂😉

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      1. EEEEEK!
        😉 xoxoxo

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  4. Hey! That’s how I feel. Been sidelined with a sinus infection for a few days.
    Nothing makes sense, my eyes hurt and my lips are even green!
    Good thing O am the owner of many sponges.

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    1. Oh, no….. I hope you’re all better now!
      Green lips…. sounds like another Gowntoon story! 😉
      You better have lots of sponges because there are more slobbery kisses coming your way from Hera. What can I say, her love is uncontrollable! ❤️🤗🐾🤗❤️

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      1. Lol! I have no green sponges!
        Hahahahaha! Okay, I’m sinus silly. I’m like Hera right now! xoxoxoxoxo 🧽🧽🧽🧽🧽🧽🧽🧽

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        1. You better get your sinus straight then!
          Only Hera has the slobbery privilege! 🐾😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣😂🤣🤣🤣😂🤣🤣💚

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          1. 🐾😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣
            I so want this to go away!

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            1. Away away awayyyyy…. Hera’s magic wand in action! 🧙‍♂️


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