11 • album cover

Album cover


for Lakis me ta psila rever [Lakis Papadopoulos]

Virgin Records [now EMI]

Εξώφυλλο δίσκου


Λάκη με τα ψηλά ρεβέρ [Λάκης Παπαδόπουλος]

Virgin Records [σήμερα EMI]

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This was the artist’s [Lakis Papadopoulos] 11th album, so my idea was creating a sign with the eleven [11] representing his ongoing musical course / journey. Εξώφυλλο για το εντέκατο άλμπουμ του Λάκη Παπαδόπουλου. Η ιδέα ήταν μία πινακίδα με το 11 να δείχνει την ανοδική μουσική πορεία του μουσικού.

Ιδέα & Σχεδιασμός Concept & Design:

Μαρίνα Καναβάκη Marina Kanavaki

3 thoughts on “11 • album cover

  1. I love it. Perfect for the 11th album. All the different inserts and verbiage are excellent. I’ll bet señor Papadopoulos was pleased with your designs.

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    1. Ah, thank you, Tim! Most of the times I love working on the inserts more than the cover. I mean, after I’m done with the idea and have the cover finished I look forward to the typography of the rest of the album, which is something most people don’t notice… I’m so glad you did! 🙏
      ps I think he was a bit hesitant at first [most artists expect something flashy or photographic] but he was really happy with the final artwork.

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