Topaz Eleven

από την ανάρτηση της Μαρίνας: Topaz Eleven

and what better date to post the eleventh month’s* painting, but the …eleventh!
November the eleventh!
Autumn turning gold and colder.
November’s flower is Chrysanthemum [and Peony]
and birthstone: Topaz [and citrine].
Yes, the color is yellow – gold.
Chrysanthemum stands for joy, compassion, friendship, and love. [here’s to a joyful, loving and compassionate month!]
Eleven [the number], is very important in numerology, as it is the first of the Master Numbers.

and for a little number trivia…

• The 11th moon of Jupiter is Himalia.
• 11 is the number of spacetime dimensions in M-theory.
• Apollo 11 was the first manned spacecraft to land on the Moon.
• 11 is the atomic number of the element sodium.
• November begins with the sun in the sign of Scorpio and ends in the sign of Sagittarius (in western astrology).

…yes, I knew you’d like to know! 😉
*The month’s name origin is from the Latin NOVEM meaning “nine” [Ninth month in the Roman calendar].

SO, here is…

Topaz Eleven

Topaz Eleven©Marina Kanavakil

Technique: Mixed media
from the series “journey of numbers” 2015 © Marina Kanavaki

Topaz Eleven soon to be designed on various products…

simpleFrameEngine  Topaz-Eleven_art
[museum quality printing and framing]

“When the winter chrysanthemums go,
there’s nothing to write about
but radishes.”

Matsuo Bashō

and something from our debut album [2004], Ovation:

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