ERT card • 1983 • Κάρτα ΕΡΤ

Continuing to share mainly cards we’ve done throughout the years, for the season.

Card designed for


The Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation

Σχεδιασμός κάρτας για την


Ελληνική Ραδιοφωνία Τηλεόραση

Card artwork for the state-owned public radio and television broadcaster. Original cartoon by A. Kanavakis. Σχεδιασμός κάρτας για την Ελληνική Ραδιοφωνία Τηλεόραση. Πρωτότυπο σκίτσο του Α. Καναβάκη.


Original cartoon & Artwork Πρωτότυπο σκίτσο & Σχεδιασμός

Anakreon Kanavakis Ανακρέων Καναβάκης

19 thoughts on “ERT card • 1983 • Κάρτα ΕΡΤ

  1. That is a totally triangular, beautifully broadcast, colorfully square, interlinear lined card. In simple terms, I love it.

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    1. Awww… and I am simply overjoyed to hear that, on behalf of my father too!

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  2. Your anmar team has so much talent!

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    1. Awww… thank you so much, my dear Babsje! 🤗

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  3. Beautiful art dear Marina.. and appropriate as the media is certainly held within a triangle of control right now lol..
    Love the colours.. Sending Love and well wishes dearest friend… Enjoy your weekend… I feel something big is on the horizon so hold tight dear one.. ❤

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    1. Brilliantly spotted!!!! 😉
      Thank you so much, my dearest friend!
      Yes… we’re viewing and trying to absorb that info! 😉
      Many hugs and love to you!

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      1. Oh so much more where that came from…. But we need to digest it piece by piece… My digestion has been working to churn it over 20 odd years. lol 😉

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        1. I can imagine!!!! 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

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  4. It’s good to see the triangle player get some love!

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    1. Ah, yes!! Thank you, my dear Liz!!!

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  5. Nice! Almost a Droste effect!


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    1. Yes!!!! Like the Pink Floyd album Ummagumma!!! 😉

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  6. Cute as a button! Your dad’s sense of humour is boundless!

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    1. Ah, thank you dahling!!!
      I have to agree with you! 😉


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