9 thoughts on “Thraki Foods • Logo • Θράκη

  1. That’s an epic OPAKH logo.

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  2. Looks great!
    Is the company still in business? Do they still use the Logo?
    Aren’t I the curious!
    Love to Hera …(and you too!)

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    1. Thank you, dahling!
      It is still in business under a different administration but still use the logo. This was a case of split feelings as the company makes sausages and meat products. Not particularly proud…
      Hera sends her love acconpanied by lots of slobbery kisses but I see you’re well prepared!!!! 🧽🧽🧽🧽🧽🧽🧽🧽

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      1. I understand your split feeling!
        I’ll just stick with Hera in this case!
        🌟💖🌟💖 🧽🧽🧽🧽🌟💖🌟💖 🧽🧽🧽🧽🌟💖🌟💖 🧽🧽🧽🧽🌟💖🌟💖 🧽🧽🧽🧽🌟💖🌟💖 🧽🧽🧽🧽

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        1. I know you do and yes… Hera!!!!


  3. Eye-catching! Love it, Marina! xoxoxoxo

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    1. Thank you, my friend. So happy to hear that! 💕🌻💕🌻💕

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