NIBID Annual Report • Ετήσιος Απολογισμός ΕΤΕΒΑ

Annual Report for


National Investment Bank for Industrial Development

Σχεδιασμός ετήσιου απολογισμού


Εθνική Τράπεζα Επενδύσεων Βιομηχανικής Αναπτύξεως

layout photos

paper cuts designed by A. Kanavakis & created by Bernard Kesserling

An annual report for an investment bank. From a time when everything was handcrafted and the concept as well as the slightest detail really mattered. A time when even an annual report could be a prompt for creativity. I was very happy to discover this from A.K. archives. Ετήσιος απολογισμός για τράπεζα επενδύσεων. Από μία εποχή που τα πάντα κατασκευάζονταν με το χέρι και η σημασία στην ιδέα αλλά και στην τελευταία λεπτομέρεια μέτραγε. Μία εποχή που ακόμα κι ένας ετήσιος απολογισμός μπορούσε να είναι αφορμή για δημιουργικότητα. Χάρηκα πάρα πολύ που ανακάλυψα αυτή τη δουλειά από το αρχείο του Α.Κ.


Concept & Design Καλλιτεχνική Επιμέλεια & Σχεδιασμός

Anakreon Kanavakis [Schima] Ανακρέων Καναβάκης [Σχήμα]

21 thoughts on “NIBID Annual Report • Ετήσιος Απολογισμός ΕΤΕΒΑ

  1. 👌👌👌🖼️📷🌹

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  2. The design is fantastic and the annual report is beautifully crafted. Smart company to choose your father for that one.

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    1. I agree with you. Even they were surprised as it was quite unheard of such a design for an annual report.

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  3. I was going to say it feels old (as in 70s old) and it is!

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    1. It is indeed… a time when being a designer really meant something. Sometimes I hesitate saying that I’m a designer, when I see the work people produced back then. Purposeful work.

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      1. Don’t you dare sell yourself short! You do purposeful work! The shoddy ones should be shunned.

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        1. Awww…. you are so sweet… It’s just a totally different mindset, our time. Having lived and worked in both eras of design [pre & post computers], I see it gradually becoming a meaningless shinny facade. Does it make sense? I think I may also be under the influence of digging in my dad’s old archives and seeing soooo much unbelievable work, and all done by hand that it freaks me out! 😉

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          1. I’ve zero doubt (I watched Madmen 😉 )
            And yes, it does make sense. The smoke and mirrors has taken on a different dimension. I can only imagine how much that has been amazing to revisit!

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            1. Oh yes it has… even with a touch of mold, sadly. xoxoxoxoxo

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            2. Oh dear… I imagine it is difficult to keep this stuff safe and dry. xoxo

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            3. Very, especially after a flooding many years ago that destroyed a huge part of the archive and with it many original paintings of other painters too. Heart wrenching.

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            4. Oh no! That is horrible. I am so sorry to hear that. Damn…

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            5. Horrible indeed… Lesson learned: never place something temporarily without making sure it’s safe! Especially if it’s of value!

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            6. Oy oy oy!
              We had a flood at our home and all of Mick’s Coca Cola collection got ruined. Well, the original packaging, that is. Value, down the drain…

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            7. Oh yeah. C’est la vie…

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  4. I can’t think of anything more boring than an annual report.
    Nonetheless, your dad has done a wonderful job dressing it up to be more exciting!

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    1. Oh, I agree and kudos to the client who commissioned it! A rare kind! 😉


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