ORO digest • Περιοδικό ΟΡΩ

Little quarterly magazine design for


*I see

Heretakis Optiker

Σχεδιασμός τριμηνιαίου μίνι περιοδικού


Χαιρετάκης Optiker

A mini quarterly magazine for an optometrist shop. Μίνι τριμηνιαίο περιοδικό για κατάστημα οπτικών.


Design & Artwork Καλλιτεχνική επιμέλεια & Σχεδιασμός

Marina Kanavaki Μαρίνα Καναβάκη

15 thoughts on “ORO digest • Περιοδικό ΟΡΩ

  1. That’s a beautiful mini mag. Very well seen. It looks like it brings all their products and services into focus. Do they use the Latin letters for eye tests in Greece?

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    1. “Into focus”! Thank you, my friend!
      I think we use greek letters… Now I remember: traditional optometrists use greek, however the new instruments they use to measure, are in latin. Took me some time to remember!

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      1. I was surprised the one image had the Latin letters. I would assume Greek letters would be used. I’ve been to the optometrists reading the letters through the phoropter over the past few months.

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        1. No longer, I think.
          Don’t remind me that my visit is looooong overdue! 😉

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          1. I had one exam in July because my eyes changed suddenly and I couldn’t see a thing through my glasses. I have progressive bifocals and I couldn’t find anywhere in the progression I could focus. My regular optometrist was booked out two months. I found another optomitrist that got me in a few days after I called them. However, the exam was virtual with an optometrist on the screen wearing a mask of all things. I couldn’t understand a word she said with that stupid mask on, but she wouldn’t take it off. We finally got through the exam with a lot of frustration on both ends, and I got a new prescription and glasses I can see with. I kept the appointment with my regular optometrist at the end of August to get a more thorough exam. She scheduled me for a full screening in October since my eye pressure is on the borderline high.

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            1. I hope that high pressure is nothing serious and -even better- by October it drops to normal! I also wear progressive bifocals and I often wonder whether it was a bad decision. From the time I started wearing them, my sight deteriorates more and more to the point of feeling blind for a few seconds after removing them!
              A virtual exam?!!! There’s a weird air to that!

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            2. The virtual exam was simply surreal and really creepy. When they asked me to rate my experience I really let them have it. I gave them one good rant about how ridiculous it was, especially the tech being in some other country as far as I can tell and wearing a freaking mask. Good grief. Give me a break!

              I like progressive bifocals, but when my eyes change I really notice it because I can’t find the sweet spats to focus. Sorry to say, I am getting older and so are my poor tired eyes. I’ve been on the borderline of high pressure for years. The chemo effect my eyes, also, so they really need to do a very thorough assessment of what’s going on.

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            3. Really?!!!! I didn’t think you actually meant virtual as in really virtual!!!!!! I guess my mind refuses to see the absurdity of things!
              Age? What age?!!!!! 😉
              I’ve got hyperopia [born with it] and astigmatism with an added age presbyopia [presbyopia and hyperopia are both farsightedness, only the latter is due to age] combined with a lack of stereoscopic eyesight [don’t ask!]. I’d find it really interesting having someone assess my eyesight …virtually! Unbelievable!

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            4. We live in a virtual world. All she could do is turn the lenses on the phoroptor remotely and ask “Which on is clearer 1 or 2?” and “Can you read the letters?” and “What’s the smallest line you can read?”

              Have you never had no stereoscopic vision? That would be strange.

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            5. Talk about versatility right?!!!!
              Well, it seems so. As one of my eye doctors told me, my brain has adjusted accordingly to figure out distances. Fingers crossed it’ll keep doing that! 😂🤣😂

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  2. Beautiful opening shot!
    This is so professional. It’s a joy to look at, even though I’m not shopping for glasses, and can’t read it.

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    1. Thank you, dahling! It was fun doing these. Mouah!!!!!!!!!

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        1. 😘🤗😘🤗😘🤗😘🤗😘🤗😘🤗

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