No comment… #21


by Anakreon Kanavakis

“no comment”

…could be a continuation of #20 😉


του Ανακρέοντα Καναβάκη

“χωρίς σχόλιο”

…θα μπορούσε να είναι συνέχεια του #20 😉

One more from the series of sketches I call “collateral …acquisitions”, as they were usually produced while speaking on the phone, or thinking of ideas for a client, or while waiting for the next newspaper article for the daily cartoon…

Αλλο ένα από τα σκίτσα που ονομάζω “παράπλευρα …αποκτήματα”, τα οποία συνήθως γινόντουσαν την ώρα ενός τηλεφωνήματος, ή καθώς ετοιμαζόταν η ιδέα για κάποιον πελάτη, ή περίμενοντας το επόμενο άρθρο για εικονογράφηση…

9 thoughts on “No comment… #21

  1. Now that is not a good situation to be in.

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  2. A split decision!

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      1. LOL!
        I am still messed up with the Gravatars, and log ins. I couldn’t even get into Art Gowns, only GLAM.
        Anyway, I got a new password for AG. I did an interview w/gown drawings about one of AGM Shey’s books.
        For some reason your blog and certain others only let me comment from GLAM. When you answer, I can’t see it, because I am logged out of GLAM. When I log back in, it should be there , but pffft
        It’s so frustrating.

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        1. I also had a bit of a gravatar mixup yesterday. We’ve had the same issue with Socratis’ new and old blog and commenting. I can’t tell you how I managed to fix it, but somehow I did!
          That explains why you didn’t appear in my email notifications! I’ll go check!!!


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