Advert • Denon NS-1 • Καταχώρηση

Ad for

Denon NS-1

for Kinotechniki

The Beauty of Hi-Tech

…because sometimes, the more advanced Sound Technology, feels the need to dress up

(A simple Titanium dress)”

Διαφημιστική καταχώρηση της

Denon NS-1

για την Κινοτεχνική

Advert designed for hi-fi audio devices. Διαφημιστική καταχώρηση για στερεοφονικά hi-fi.


Concept & Artwork Ιδέα & Σχεδιασμός

Anakreon Kanavakis & Marina Kanavaki [Schima Ltd] Ανακρέων Καναβάκης & Μαρίνα Καναβάκη [Σχήμα ΕΠΕ]

11 thoughts on “Advert • Denon NS-1 • Καταχώρηση

  1. She is a hi-tech beauty. She has a nice metallic sheen.

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    1. …titanium!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
      Thanks, my friend!


      1. I rode and raced on a titanium racing bike for years. I peddled around 150,000 miles on that bike. Now I’m an old, fat e- bicycle racer. I have titanium frame glasses. You might think that I like titanium.

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        1. Just a little! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
          (“Old and fat” is obviously referring to someone else!)

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  2. Gorgeous!
    Love to find this on the side of a house or a garage door!

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    1. Now you mention it… it does have a mural feel to it!!! 😉
      Thank you, dahling!

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      1. Totally a mural feel! xoxoxoxoxo
        Loved the podcast at TT&T!

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        1. Awwwwww!!!!!!!! So happy to hear that!!!!!

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          1. xoxoxo 😘😘😘😘 xoxoxo

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            1. ❤🤗❤🤗❤🤗❤🤗❤🤗❤🤗❤

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