Time Bound • Δεσμώτης του Χρόνου


by Anakreon Kanavakis

“Time Bound”


του Ανακρέοντα Καναβάκη

“Δεσμώτης του Χρόνου”

We have just lost our hour to DST. Is this the last time we go through this or will it be next time we go back to standard time, forever [as I’m hoping]. EU citizens voted to keep one time but which is up to each country to choose.

Μόλις χάσαμε μία ώρα από την αλλαγή σε Θερινή. Είναι άραγε η τελευταία αλλαγή ή θα επιστρέψουμε στη Χειμερινή όπου και θα μείνουμε για πάντα [όπως ελπίζω]. Οι Ευρωπαίοι πολίτες ψήφισαν να μην αλλάζει η ώρα. Τώρα, Χειμερινή ή Θερινή, θα μπορεί να επιλέξει ποιά θέλει, κάθε χώρα ξεχωριστά.

7 thoughts on “Time Bound • Δεσμώτης του Χρόνου

  1. An hour lost. It’s such a pain. It’s really difficult here. We are on the border between eastern time and mountain time. If NM chooses to stay on standard and Texas chooses to stay on daylight, there would be a 2 hour change in time between Texas and New Mexico. All the states that currently change time, need to choose either standard or daylight as the time to stay on or there with be wacky time changes going from one state to another.

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    1. A pain indeed. So far, we don’t know which time Greece is sticking with. I’m assuming that if DST was to be our last change, they would have told us, so Standard will be it. But then one can never be sure about anything nowadays. Changing time from neighboring states is going to be weird. I suppose it’s not easy having all the states under the same time… or is it?

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      1. No the continental US has three time zones with 3 hours difference between California and New York. Arizona doesn’t change so New Mexico and Arizona are on the same time on Mountain Standard Time (MST) and we are one hour ahead of Arizona on DST. Arizona is one hour ahead of California when Calfornia is on Pacific Standard Time (PST) and California and Arizona are on the same time when California is on DST. New Mexico is always one hour ahead of California with both states on PST and MST and when we are both on DST.

        To the east, we are always an hour behind Texas and two hours behind states in the Eastern time zone. I think we are 8 hours behind Greece if Greece is in the European time zone. 9 hours if Greece is an hour to the east.

        Makes a whole lotta sense doesn’t it?

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        1. Oh, but of course.. perfect sence!!!!!

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  2. Tick tock…. the drawing talks! Fab!!!!!

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    1. …and our hour’s gone! 😉
      Thank you, on behalf of dad too!


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